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A little about us...

     Stanky Creek Cycling (SCC) is a USA Cycling/TBRA bicycle club with primary focus on mountain biking.  Our purpose is to promote bicycling as a sport, improve the riding skills and capabilities of members and support those who have the ultimate goal of racing competitively. The Club strives to improve cycling safety and as a member of the cycling community also supports cycling as recreation, transportation, and an approach to improved health, not only for members but also for the community at large.  SCC started out with a few likeminded riders who not only enjoyed the competition of racing mountain bikes, but also shared the common attitude that mountain biking should be fun and even though we race competitively against other teams, and even each other, that we should also enjoy the camaraderie associated with sharing a common interest.  We enjoy riding hard, pushing each other, and then sharing a beverage and laughing over what a good time we just had.  

     While SCC is NOT a trail advocacy, maintenance, nor management organization, we believe that having well maintained local trails is important to promoting mountain biking in the community.  SCC actively supports the maintenance and preservation of the Mountain Bike Trails at Nesbit Park (aka Stanky Creek) by requiring all of our members to  join a local trail advocacy organization or local International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) chapter.  We also require that our members actively participate in  organized trail maintenance, improvements, and expansion.   SCC officers and members also have developed a good relationship with the City of Bartlett and other trail user organizations to ensure that the trails at Nesbit Park remain open to mountain biking. 


     SCC has recently grown from a few local likeminded racers, to a club consisting of 20+ members.  While these members all bring different backgrounds and also participate in other disciplines of cycling and running.  Our primary focus remains Mountain Biking, and the positive promotion of mountain biking to the local community.  SCC members can and will be seen at local and national XC and endurance events, cross races, road races, charity rides, and even some du, tri, and running events.

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