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The Stank *Hint* click the map to zoom in

     The Blue trail at ~2 miles is short with a couple of brushy turns and a few big drops. be sure and take to the second drop like a cock-fight, little yerry. you can bomb straight down or veer left and bank it. either way, hug the right at the bottom or you're going in the drink, sailor. races usually start with this loop. also, a great pre-race warmup loop.


     The Yellow trail at 2.2 miles is certainly the tighest of the bunch. several "tree pinball" sections will leave the bowlegged bruised and the wide bar types swollen. there are some hyper-slippery bridges, log piles, a dippity-doo creek crossing and a stellarized tree rampboardwalk in this section.


     The White trail is approx 6.5 miles long and is the most lung challenging, several up and down gradual nuisances will annoy your shifters and test your patience.  Inside this 6.5 mile loop is the 1 mile long Outhouse trail, which could be considered one of the best miles in Memphis, this trail is fast and furious, hammer as hard as you want, Pedro, it rolls and dips and bounces like the best you ever had.  The Outhouse trail flushes into skid row where riders eventurally enter the Wino trail. this is another single-track marvel of decades old nickel-whiskey bottles and some sort of Mayan teepee.  The wino provides you with what could be considered the best section of trail around these part, a rippin down hill leads you into a quick whoopdee, over the bridge, hammer it to the next down hill and rail the curved bridge into a tight twisty section where you are then rewarded into another downhill where you got to watch for ribbon covered vines. After a few worm holes, tight trees, and a 180 deg turn that will keep you honest, you jet past the huckin' pre-pubes on the BMX park and then you're home free with a fast fun downhill where you enter the creek wondering if the ramps will still be there.  Back to the lot for another lap you ultra-cool mutha' you.

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